Helping Organizations Resolve Workplace Issues

Every company can, at one time or another, face challenging workplace issues that cannot be easily resolved. Employers can be faced with such issues as harassment, workplace violence and misconduct, whistleblower policies, theft, fraud and conflicts of interest. When faced with such a challenge, many businesses and organizations have looked to Core Resolutions to help solve their workplace issues.

Core Resolutions is based out of Calgary Alberta and, since 1992, has been helping Canadian organizations resolve workplace issues that involve security, human resources and employee issues in both unionized and non-unionized work environments.

We have worked with businesses of all sizes, everything from High tech to Oil and Gas companies, educational institutions, charities and professional sports teams. Read more about our company and Clients.

In every case, we are committed to providing the highest level of service that exceeds expectations. From a personal and client-centric approach that is based on our extensive knowledge and experience, we are able to consistently deliver a solution that addresses the unique needs of each client.

Our resolution services include Consulting, Inquiries, Training and Workplace Assessments, all of which start with a free consultation, so we can quickly start the process to resolving your workplace issues.