Inquiry services for workplace issues to resolve conflict in the Calgary workplace.

Core Resolutions will conduct thorough fact finding inquiries into allegations of workplace issues.  These may include allegations of harassment, threats of violence, bullying, fraud, conflict of interest or any other allegations of a breach of the employment relationship or company policy.  Our inquiries are conducted in a manner to meet examination by a board, tribunal or court after the fact and follow the principles of natural justice.  If you have existing investigative procedures we will ensure that our inquiry is conducted to meet those requirements.

We also have the experience to ensure that evidence is properly collected and witnesses interviewed in accordance with workplace requirements and privacy legislation and that there is appropriate continuity and protection of the evidence gathered.  We ensure that all parties to the inquiry are treated with dignity and respect and that the inquiry is done in a manner that will respect the rights of the employer and the employee.  We will also ensure that all relevant concerns are addressed and reported and will ensure that you are kept apprised of the progress along the way.

Our comprehensive reports will cover the findings, conclusions and recommendations for resolution.  We use a root cause analysis approach to ensure that we provide recommendations that will provide an ultimate resolution to any issues.  It is our objective to complete inquires in as timely a manner as possible to ensure that these matters are resolved in a satisfactory manner.


On Inquiries

“I imagine that you don’t usually hear, after the fact, from staff who you’ve interviewed in sensitive cases like this. However, I came across and old e-mail correspondence between us and had to reach out to tell you that our department has…changed. We’re all so happy to come to work and we’re working well together. Now, we report to a positive, supportive team environment. Thank you for your part in helping us to get here, Dave.”

Witness in harassment inquiry